Shadows of Silence

About the Series- 

"Shadows of Silence", is where Demos explores faith in the shadow of Greek culture through the tradition of its rituals and people. His approach to photography embodies mystical and surreal imagery on the transience of life. The photographs pulsate with an auratic quality associated with the sacred.
About the Artist-  
Considered one of the most important modern Greek photographers, John Demos was born in Thessaloniki in 1944. He studied Art History at the University of Chicago and received a Master's in Fine Arts in 1968. When he returned in Greece to 1969, he taught fine arts, photography and philosophy at the American Community Schools of Athens. As an active promoter of photography in Greece, he help found The Photographic Center of Athens, and with his wife Bernadine founded the photojournalism agency Apeiron Photos representing Magnum, Sygma, Rapho and other acclaimed photographic agencies in Greece.   

In cooperation with The Athens House of Photography